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Managing your company’s supply, delivery and return chain can be a daunting task without a capable system to assist you. The ability to access your Supplier Portal from a web browser on the cloud makes the process of ordering goods, tracking these goods & arranging returns easy and it is all in control at your fingertips. This makes it a truly productive and effective B2B management system.

Supplier Portal Login

The user will login using a registered email address and assigned password on a web browser. This allows the user to order goods on the go wherever he or she is due to the portal being on the cloud.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the main screen that shows a summary of the status of all goods. These include viewing the New Orders and Delivered Orders.

It also has a view of the Comparison Chart for Total Orders vs Goods Delivered for delivery performance reviews.

Create New Purchase Order Element

The PO Screen allows the user to create a new Purchase Order, Print / Save a copy of the PO (in PDF) and view all details including but not limited to outlet location, status, supplier details, amounts, etc. The function to sort or group POs are also easily accessed.

Goods Return Element

The Goods Return option allows the user to create a Goods Return Advice note, Print / Save a copy of the GRA (in PDF) and view all details of the Goods Return Document.

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