Introducing Our Self Check Out Counters

Self Check Out (SCO) Machines by HISENSE

Situations faced by Customers & Retailers

at traditional POS counters

Long queues especially during peak peak shopping hours and festive seasons customers

Unpleasant shopping experience when there is a long queue
More than 6 people 64.7%

While in queue, customers wasting resources for collection and returning of goods to shelves

required to operate each traditional POS counter

to hire & train staff. There is difficulty in hiring and it also increases operations costs

Self Check Out counters helps in

% Reduction in Labour Costs
% Monthly Savings

Operating each POS counter from the floor where they could help customers or perform other duties

2.5 SCO units


24 hours of Traditional POS workload

in advanced technology

Smart Scanning

The hand held scanner allows fast scanning of each item in the customers shopping cart

Weighing Security Check

The Self Check Out counters use the weighing scales on both sides to determine all items are scanned and accounted for

Safer Payment Collection

The Self Check Out counters allows cashless payment methods and also cash. It secures the cash in the machine until the authorised person is allowed access

Prevents Stock Loss

All stock that gets scanned and bought will be accounted for and the software that is integrated into the server or cloud will update accordingly

Prevents Barcode Manipulation

The Self Check Out counters prevents the situation of barcode manipulation

Prevents Stealing

And thus prevents items from being stolen

Popularity in payment methods

Credit Cards

The Self Check Out counters are able to support all forms of credit card merchants like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and such

Mobile Payments

The emerging trend of using the mobile phone is gaining popularity amongst consumers. The SCO is future scalable for any trends beyond today


The machine is able accept cash and keeps the money secure inside


Popular mobile apps like WeChat and Alipay are emerging into the marketplace to be used as e-wallets 

Debit Card

The SCO is able to support all banks debit cards as preferred by some customers

Other Wireless Payments

Other methods of wireless payments via NFC, Bluetooth, smart watch etc. are gaining popularity and will be the norm in the near future

Self Check Out vs Traditional Counters

Average Scanning & Payment Time
(Cash, Alipay, WeChat, Debit & Credit cards)

Self Check Out Counter


Traditional POS


Refreshing Experience

High Customer Retention

Positive Shopping Experience

No Training Required

Simple Operation

Seamless Flow

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