Our Food & Beverage System

System Modules

Front End (Restaurant)

New system has been designed to support more varieties of ordering methods such as eMenu, mobile, and kiosk

  • User-friendly order entry
  • Supports touch screen terminals with interactive 2nd display
  • Mobile ordering system (Android)
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS) with service time tracking
  • Membership management system
  • Loyalty and mobile loyalty system
  • Real-time data access
  • Combo meal management
  • Flexible tendering options
  • Integrated with finger print for time attendance and user authorization
  • Comprehensive cash management
  • eMenuAPI ready for mobile eMenu
  • Support eCoupon / eVoucher system
  • Customization for integration with other payment gateways

eCoupon / eVoucher Management

Support online coupon, voucher and gift card management.

This coupon management system can be linked to membership system

  • Web-based online and real-time management system
  • Creating unlimited coupon and voucher type
  • Control each voucher by LOT
  • Flexible expiration setting and dynamic expire date based on sale date
  • Support importing 3rd party coupon / voucher for controlling these coupons / vouchers online
  • Distribution of eCoupon / eVoucher
  • Support selling eVoucher at HQ and at outlets
  • Integrated with VTEC POS front end for total control of selling and using eCoupon / eVoucher
  • Support barcode and QR code for eCoupon / eVoucher
  • Integrated with vLoyalty on mobile to push eCoupon / eVoucher to mobile application

Membership and Loyalty Management

Support online membership and loyalty services

  • Integrated with POS front end for total control of Membership and Loyalty System
  • Online membership system with multi-brand support
  • Provide web API for integrating mobile membership application
  • Earning points in real-time and support store and forward function for offline mode
  • Redemption points as coupon discount or payment
  • Integrated with eCoupon / eVoucher system to distribute eCoupon / eVoucher to membership system
  • Member’s history analysis

eMenu Management

eMenu will be linked to POS HQ system for menu data and linked to POS branch system for pricing and promotion

  • eMenu can be linked to POS system and auto submit to POS and kitchen system
  • eMenu is real-time updated information and all information at eMenu will be same as POS system
  • Customization layout of ordering page
  • Support both iOS and Android
  • Support both pre-order and order link to POS
  • Can be integrated with online payment gateway

Integrated to Drive Thru System

POS system has been designed to support Drive Thru system that can send the order to customer monitor system.

Also, if using KDS, the system can track the service time of Drive Thru system for analysis report

Example Table Service Diagram Configuration

Example of QSR System Diagram

QSR Main Screen

Take Order Screen

Interface to ERP and BI

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